Cubase Pro 10.5.5 RAM usage

I have a project with 3 Kontakt instances, all small libs. Cubase uses 28.5 GB of RAM?

That doesn’t look right.

I have much larger sessions(eg 20 instances of Kontakt/Falcon/ST, with the real orchestral stuff) in 10.0.50, and these are not going above 24 GB.



garbage collection? it is programmer’s term. don’t know if it applies to this problem.
does it happen after a reboot?

not on a OSX OS by the way. in windows i know my way around.

New project, after working for an hour or so on 5 tracks with Kontakt and Pigments, 20 GB RAM in use.

Quit Cubase Pro 10.5.5, load same project again, back to 2.25 GB of RAM used by CB… Slowly creeping up while I’m typing this.

Definitely no automatic garbage collection, haha.

Yes it leaks. Reported in the “mojave” thread too.

I noticed it was mentioned in the Mojave thread, but I decided to make it more visible by starting a new thread.

Is this Mac only, btw?