Cubase Pro 10.5 Combined Selection Tool on Cycle Markers

In Combined Selection Tool mode. I cannot slide or move along a Cycle Marker due to the cycle marker being at the top of the track. This turns the mouse into selection mode and makes it impossible to move the cycle markers.

Is there a need for the the Combined Selection Tool to be active when working over the top of the marker track???

There are two ways to do this without having to turn off the smart tool:
1- If the marker track’s height is greater than 2, you can click and drag anywhere below the cycle header to move it
2- If the marker track height is set to 1 line or minimum, you should be able to move it by clicking and dragging on the cycle header itself

noticed this, too. Does it really make sense to have a selection tool on the marker track? Not in my opinion, I cannot think of any situation where I would want this.

This is correct however, when there is a Marker and a Cycle Marker on the same point Cubase wont let the Cycle Marker move without moving the Marker out of the road first. This problem was evident in previous versions as well. It creates extra work.