Cubase Pro 10.5 Crashes with new VSTi installed

Hey all,

So Cubase 10.5 has been humming right along without issues for a couple of months now. Today, I installed uhe Zebra 2.9, and now whenever I open the any uhe instrument and then try to close that instrument window, Cubase 10.5 immediately crashes. Only uhe instruments. Everything else works fine without crashing Cubase.

I’ve sent a bug report to uhe, but just wanted to check here and see if anyone else has had the same issue.

Cubase Pro 10.5
Windows 10 Home
Intel i7 4 core 8 thread
Antelope Discrete 4 SC Interface

I have the same thing with overloud TH3. With mine it opens well and plays ok, everytime I change preset and put additional effects in the chain it crashes.Sent an email to steinberg support and just awaiting reply.

It seems the trouble was an old version of a VST2 32bit .dll that still existed after an update of uhe Diva. Once deleted, this resolved the problem.