Cubase Pro 10.5 Failed to Reactivate License

Since I updated my Cubase Pro 10.0 to 10.5, I was requested to active the software again.

However, after I clicking “Reactivate License” on my Steinberg Account page, it showed:
There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate.

Then I checked the eLicencer page, it shows (1) my USB-License and cubase information; (2) a soft-eLicencer but with
No products found on this eLicenser.

After that I checked the eLicencer Control Center on my PC. It shows the soft-eLicenser and its number. But it shows no any License on the right box.
The USB-eLicencer can show its License on the right box.

So, I am really confused by the soft-eLicencer and Reactivation.
How to register the soft-eLicencer to the Cubase Pro 10.5, and then how to use it to Reactivate the License ???


I can only see a Cubase Pro 10.0 license registered but no Cubase Pro 10.5. If you installed Cubase 10.5, you need to purchase a new license to make it work.
In general, for licenses stored on USB-eLicensers, there is no reactivation necessary or possible.

Thank you very much for your fast reply and helpful information.
Now I understand~