Cubase Pro 10.5 Metronome Issue

The metronome was working properly before 10.5.10 update
I’ve waited for it to be fixed on 10.5.11 but it didn’t
I’ve Tested it on both MacOSX Mojave & Windows 10. the same issue is still there
Any Help ?

It’ s certainly a good idea to at least mention, what the issue you are talking of is at all…

I’m on Cubase 10.5.3 and the metronome has still not been fixed. Why has this not been addressed?

Still not address addressed? No response from management. Yamaha Inc, I’m calling you out! Intentional program errors to force people to update is wrong. It’s a form of evil, in the guise of greed. Stop being greedy. Programmers are happy to work from home, if you pay them. So, the pandemic is no excuse. Plenty of great programers available.

It works here. What is wrong with it? Win10 10.5.30 currently, but it has always worked for me since C6 - and before this it was reverse polarity in the cans, my only issue.

In Cubase 10.5, the Metronome is not working on the Mac OS. I thought it was intentional, you know, to force people to upgrade. But after upgrading to Cubase 11, and discovering other, bigger issues, I have realized that it may not be intentional. It may just be corporate incompetence. For example, the team that manages the Cubase software Yamaha may not be big enough to handle all of the issues. So I apologize to Yamaha Inc leaders for assuming that they were being evil. The problem may be an entirely different issue. They may not know how to run a corporation this size. Yamaha is huge. Cubase is only one tiny devision.

I think I know what you’re experiencing now. I think you have not set up the Metronome correctly. But let me see if I’m right.

Create a blank Project. Your time code should automatically be 120 beats per minute and you should see a QUARTER NOTE displayed in the bar count frame at the bottom of the Project window, next to the numbers ‘’ - (if your curser is on the start of your Project track area). Expand your Project Locators across Bar 1 to Bar 40.

Next click on the ‘Project’ tab at the top of your Project window. Scroll down until you see ‘Signature Track’ and click on this. Next click on the line that reads ‘Render Audio Clicks Between Locators’, and then click on this. You should see 40 bars of 1/4 notes displayed across your Project window in a track automatically labeled ‘Audio Click’. Hit play and you should hear the clicks of the metronome. Yes?

If you do, then your metronome works, it is not broken. What I think is going on here is that you don’t understand how to set up the Metronome in the newer versions of Cubase. It is all there, but you need to explore the manual a bit to sort how to make this happen. It is NOT EXACTLY like it was in older Cubase versions (C6.5 and earlier) where the ‘click’ was something you assigned to the audio connections by clicking a box, the metronome set up has changed. But it’s still there and it’s still the same metronome.