Cubase Pro 10.5 missing Waves 11 plugins in Catalina 10.15.6

Hi guys, could you please help me figure out why the Plugin Manager in Cubase Pro 10.5.20 doesn’t detect any VST/VST3 plugins from Waves 11? All Waves plugins are version 11.x. It is very strange, because all other plugins (not from Waves) are working without any problems and I didn’t encounter any error or crashes whatsoever. :frowning:

I tried all recommended Waves tutorials and they failed to work (like reinstalling both Cubase Pro 10.5 and Waves Central, resetting licenses folder, setting plugin paths, etcetera). On my old Mac which ran Mojave, Waves Central was working perfectly with 11.x plugins.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

Are the Waves plug-ins blacklisted, or not visible at all?