Cubase pro 10.5 on Windows 7 Ultimate ?

I saw some recent post saying that Cubsse 10.5 wont be supported on Windows 7 ?

I want to know before i update and upgrade from Elenents 10 … ??

Theres no way i am goin to Win10 !never …
Im a PC guy but idd rather be on MAC anytime than Windows10

The system requirements for Cubase 10.5 can be found on the Steinberg page, and in several threads on the forums - so what do you want to know…? :unamused:

Oh thanks . I just want to know if im ok staying with win7 if i get the new 10.5 pro

I work with cubase 10.5 in Windows 7, but can’t say if export video work correctly (in another post in this forum someone says it’s not possible)

In this Moment, after several days of use i haven’t problem.

Hello Italyuser !
So you are saying that everything is cool using Win7
With version 10.5 Pro ?

I wouldn’t bet very much money on that over the long run :wink:

Supposedly there will be no testing using Win7 so stuff will start breaking over time. Especially when MS drops all legacy support for Win7 (Jan. 14, 2020) - that means no more security updates, driver updates, whatever-else updates. And just because it works on someone else’s Win7 PC doesn’t mean it necessarily will work on yours.

Yes it woks perfectly with no trouble what so.ever ! And its alot faster than Win10 scrap in a machine .

Now that can not really be the case, since as reported and confirmed, video export does not work on win 7…!?

Yes i know but i dont do any videos …
But i still got too much trouble so i put in more ram in my machine and swiched to win10 and it seems ok