Cubase Pro 10.5 Trial gives Cubase Pro 10 trial code.

Hello, I have just requested Cubase 10.5 Trial code, put it into Elicenser, and it says it is Cubase Pro 10 trial. I cannot use it, because i have already used Cubase Pro 10 trial code before. Is this how it is supposed to work?

Hm… Yeah, I just requested a trial code and see the same thing, and presumably that is not how it’s supposed to work. An error like this will generate a lot of feedback, so I imagine it will be fixed very quickly.

Ah, thanks for checking it. So it is not just me, but the problem is global. Thanks again!

SOMEONE is definitely NOT doing his job at! This fault was just extremely embarrassing!

Same problem here, until now I worked with Elements but I wanted to have a taste of Pro to really decide before Christmas, so I’ve bought a dongle and downloaded (slowly) the - 21 go - of Cubase Pro 10.5… to realize that the demo didn’t work at all!

I have same error and try it with a new USB and install cubase 10.5 update and it only open cubase 10. I don’t want to try 10, I want the C10.5. Pls steinberg fix this issue pronto.

the same for me! it’s ok to know that i’m not alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Right…thought I was going mad…not just me then…hope they fix it soon:)

Help! Cubase 10.5 demo code is for 10.0.
Installed 10.5 activated 10.5 demo licence but it is a 10 licence. Won’t start 10.5 obviously. Tried with 2 email adresses. Same result.
Can I still download new demo code when this is fixed?

Of course latest elicencer and tried maintenance.

I’m having the same thing and i don’t want to try 10, I want 10.5. Steinberg needs to fix this because i already purchased a New USB, Just for trying the 10.5.
Seriously steinberg fix this mess. I’m not the only one.

Steiny, will you let us know when fixed?

Moving to presales is a little strange as most of us own C10 or C9 etc…

You know steinberg remove this same post on general post
I guess is a big mistake from steinberg. I want it to try C10.5. See if it was worth to update by Christmas but i guess not. This is the worse update so far. Buying a new license to not affect to my old license. It is already 2 days and not a single fix.

There’s no point to post the same topic multiple times in different forums… Posts have been consolidated.

Since people seem miffed about where the posts appear, I’ll move it to General.

damn, they are really taking their time to fix this!
And such arrogance! They could at least have stated in the news sections or at least here that they are working on it and give a time estimate for how long we should wait??

I have used Cubase since before version 4 but now I am really considering changing to Ableton.

Thank You Cubase/Steinberg for taking us seriously

Ole Dahl!

If you have a spare email address to codes are now for 10.5