(Cubase Pro 10.5) Video export feature not working when using long paths

Hi . Is there any restrictions about what can be exported as video on Cubase? Because for me, at the end of the process there is no video.

SO: Windows 10 1903 Build 18362.476
Cubase: Pro 10.5 Build 68 (oct 14 2019)

Repro Steps:

  • Import 720p video
  • Ad some audio tracks with sounds
  • Create a loop region that covers part of the video
  • Go to: File=>Export=>Video
  • Select export file a large one (with spaces, such as: D:/My Awesome Folder/Path/To/My/Video/Video.mp4

Expected result: video should be exported and saved within path set
Current result: Video not saved within that path, only on short ones such as: D:/Path_to/Video.mp4

Not sure why this never got any replies. I have the same issue. If I choose a short file path, the export works correctly. Otherwise, it does the audio mixdown and then Cubase minimizes itself and the process fails. No error message or anything.

Hi there,
it is November 2020 now and still no answer - I am having the same problem… almost one year later.
During export it shows a rendering audio file and after the export is finished it simply disappears.
No error message, no hint whatsoever. Seems to be an awesome new feature there - should improve that and other strange bugs before releasing a new version.

july 2021 and I still face this , updated to cubase 11 and still the problem exists , Did somebody find a solution ??

me too