Cubase Pro 10.5 window focus getting lost

Hi all -

Since Steinberg changed the way Cubase uses windows on a PC (and abandoned PC Windows conventions) I’ve had issues with window focus.

I’ll do an operation that involves a dialog box and when the dialog box closes the focus isn’t always returned to the Cubase window underneath or the Cubase window that I was using when the dialog box was invoked. It will often return to a second non Cubase window.

I keep all my main Cubase windows (project, key editor, mixer etc.) maximised.

Here’s an easy example -
Close all applications in Windows.
Open File Explorer
Open Cubase Pro 10.5
New Empty project
Add audio stereo track
Open the import audio dialog and select a file to import.
When the dialog box closes windows explorer is brought to the front and takes focus.

Sure, it’s not a big thing to Alt Tab back to Cubase but it’s irritating and shouldn’t be happening. I’ve had this on all recent versions of Cubase but I’ve not seen anyone else describe this as a problem. Is there a way to solve this that I’ve missed or is everyone just putting up with it?



This is known issue, already reported. Thank you.

Will be fixed in Cubase 11 :wink:

Indeed it bugs me as well but we have to live with it…for a longer while…

Thanks Martin. I have wondered why I haven’t seen people talking about it so thought perhaps I was missing something. Fingers crossed it gets fixed in 11 but I doubt it as it’s been around for years - this should be considered part of the basics of the program.

Also still a problem in Cubase 11. It annoys the @#$(*&^ out of me, tbh.