Cubase Pro 10.5

I have no presets in the frequency plugin, I don’t know where they should be loaded, Im using a Mac OS Catalina, Can anyone help with this problem, Please


I would recommend to install Cubase from the Full Installer. All presets will be installed with it.

Martin, I have downloaded via the download assistant, and installed the full version twice with the same outcome, in the studio EQ. if I hold down my mouse button I can see in the left pane, the categories etc, but they are sort of greyed out, the other plug ins have no presets, but not all of the plugins are affected, Multiband Expander, Env shaper compressor all have none, but other are fully loaded. Im only getting from Steinberg confirmation they have my problem, any ideas?

I noticed you don’t have the brickwall limiter folder checked in your screenshot.

I’m not sure what you mean?

I see what you meant , I have now checked Still no presets


There are no factory presets for the Brickwall Limiter plug-in in Cubase. So if you don’t create any by your own, there are no presets.

Cheers For That, I found that Clicking on the included folders & sub Folders Showed the folder, then clicking on that folder displayed the presets, Ive never had to do that before, that’s why I didn’t know.Thanks for all your Help