Cubase Pro 10 and EWQL Play 5.0.6 crash Cubase

After updating to Cubase Pro 10 I realise that there is an issure with Eastwest Qualtum Leap Play VSTi.

When you switch “Always on Top” off/on, Cubase hangs and needs to be killed by the task manager and restarted.

I always saw Cubase crashing whan working with different VSTis.


For me EWQL Play 5.0.6 is crashing anytime I load it even as a stand-alone right now. :frowning:

You don’t have a crash dump file from this crash, right?

I didn’t test the standalone version. But it’s working as long as I don’t switch on/off “Always on Top”.

Btw did you test Play 6?


Is it reproducible with this plug-in only? Or can you toddie or with any plug-in?

I fixed the Play 5.0.6 by complete uninstall, trash preferences a reinstall. I haven’t try Play 6, I don’t have the license.

Sometime Cubase crashes when using Keyscape, but it might be another problem.

The “Always on Top” problems is only with Play.
By the way, I just updated to Play 6.0.8 and the problem with “Always on Top” is still there. So there is no need to update for that problem. Don’t know what the problem exactly is.


Unfortunately if there is no crash dump, I cannot tell more.