Cubase Pro 10 and SSL 2+ How do they work together?

I plan to buy an interface SSL 2+. Are there any known issues with Cubase? Will it work fine?

Thanks for any information.

I’ve been using an SSL 2+ with Cubase 11 Pro for about a year now and I find they work pretty well together. The SSL’s audio quality is really good, and while Cubase itself causes me the occasional problem (some serious, some not so much, but that’s the nature of software), I don’t think the SSL causes any of them.
Hope this is of some help with your decision,
I realise you’re using 10 not 11 but I doubt there’s enough difference between versions to matter.
Tony G

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Thank you very much Tony. My SSL is on its way.

You’re welcome, I hope you have many hours of useful work (and fun) with it,
Tony G