Cubase Pro 10 and the 2019 Mac Pro's 'extreme' RAM support

With today’s Mac Pro announcement comes the news that the motherboard architecture supports up to 1.5TB DDR4 ECC RAM (12 x 2933MHz DIMMs) - in combination with 24 or 28 core Intel Xeon W Skylake CPUs.

Does Cubase Pro currently support the maximum RAM available under macOS or is there a threshold? I cannot seem to find any details in this regard.

Also, have any forum users who are utilising 128GB in the Mac Pro 2013 ‘Trashcan Edition’ had issues with the memory bandwidth and Cubase Pro 10 crashes?

A 64 bit app like Cubase has no threshold that would prevent it from using all the RAM. By the way, that’s Terabytes, not Gigabytes.