Cubase Pro 10 - Apollo Twin 2 audio bug

Hello guys

When I installed Cubase Pro 10 I started to have a strange bug. When I open up a project, I have no audio and I have to switch to the internal audio driver of the Mac and then back to the Apollo to fix it. Resetting the driver doesn’t fix it.

It’s really tiresome that on every project I open I have to do this to be able to hear anything. And I have to re assign the inputs every time I want to record.

Anyone else is experiencing something similar?



I don’t own Apollo, but it sounds familiar to me, I think I have read something similar here on the forum already. Have you tried to search?

im having same issue with my Apollo twin usb Cubase 10 isn’t saving my audio setup.

Question: I’m running cubase elements 10 with Apollo duo USB. I started my cubase up with my soundcard off & now I’m getting unmapped lines. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Was working perfect before this happened