Cubase Pro 10 Crossgrade + Student

Hello everyone,

I saw on the Steinberg shop that it is possible to have a student and Crossgrade version of Cubase 10 Pro. The problem is : I have absolutely no idea how to do… I saw how to buy a student version, how to buy a crossgrade version, but I don’t now how to combine the two advantages (In my situation, I just bough Fl studio for my hight school, but my teacher said that We’ll use Cubase…).

Can somebody help me for that ?

Thanks in advances

They cannot be combined. Select the one that are cheapest for you.

Thanks you for the answer, but are you sure ? Beacause on the Crossgrade shop (, you can see “Please note that for educational crossgrades we require additional proof that entitles you to purchase education products.” So I assume It is possible…

I might be wrong, but I think they are talking about if the DAW you crossgrade from are EDU.
I’m saying because there are no combined crossgrade/EDU Cubase in the store.

Hmmmm… Well… never mind

Thanks you for answers :smiley: