Cubase Pro 10 - Define content is included


I just recently purchased Cubase Pro 10 and am having trouble distinguishing which content packs within the Download Manager are included with the purchase. Steinberg advertised vague amounts of content and the Steinberg Library Manager allows installation of certain assets but it then shows that much of this does not actually run in libraries. It’s unclear if this is due to errors with the elicenser of if it is actually not included. I’ve tried reinstalling and other workaround mentioned on other posts but have not been able to run the content. Can anyone post a definitive list of what exactly is included with the Cubase Pro 10 purchase. It is frustrating that there is not better alignment between the download assistant, installer and eLicenser but I don’t mean to regurgitate frustrations which are inherent with bloated security software.


Hi and welcome,

All you need is available in the Cubase Full Installer package. Download and install only this one.