Cubase Pro 10 Freezes when winding back, mixing in 5.1

I am running into issue that started popping up since I started remixing a project into 5.1

Project was created in Cubase 10 Build nov 1 2018 and still using that version. On Windows 10.

Never a problem when recording and mixing in stereo. Then added 5.1 output buss and changed project for that the be main output.

Since then I have enountered roughly two problems that I think must be related.

  1. When I playback music, and I stop it again (I use the space bar twice), Cubase Pro 10 freezes.
  2. When I rewind, Cubase Pro 10 freezes.

In both cases: My cursor moves but doesn’t change icon, no clicking or key commands work. Windows says Cubase is not responsive.

I have a project that I was able to strip down to something that only uses midi and wave tracks. No VST effects or synths. This project for some reason has it bad: Almost any rewind will reproduce the problem. At least on my system.

Starting the system with safe mode doesn’t help, at least not with the rewind case.

And this may be a hint that problems 1 & 2 may be unrelated: Problem 1 persists when I restart and use an older stereo version project, until I run in safe mode. Then older stereo projects work fine. But again, this is not the case for 2. 2 persists in my demo project even in safe mode.

Any advice or anything I can help with?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Any advice? I do need to continue work on my project. I’m a first time user of Cubase, and I little dissapointed with its stability. Is it better to contact support directly?

Additional information: Cubase also freezes when simply closing the project.

Additional info:
The last things I did on this project before the rewind problem started was:

  • Duplicate an audio track
  • Mute the original
  • On the duplicate: Remove old left-right automation (because switched to 5.1 output), add rotation automation, leftright automation and front-back automation.
    That’s the state of it. I can still play, but stopping it will freeze Cubase most of the time. And I cannot rewind at all. I press the - button and it instantly freezes. I shift the cursor and it instantly freezes.

Is there any place I can submit the project (semi privatly) for reproduction?

Any advice for workaround is also welcome. Removing channels doesn’t help. Removing plugins doesn’t help. Backing up the project doesn’t help (good for reproduction, I guess).

Additional info: I installed Cubase 9.5 and the project freezes there too, when rewinding.
My theory is that the project got corrupted somehow. Possibly when duplicating the channel.

Additional info, I’ve found my workaround for htis problem and frankly almost any other problem I have encountered with Cubase: I have to reset my iConnectivity MIO10 midi interface. After that reset (and sometimes reloading the proejct in Cubase) the problems dissappear.

I often leave the midi interface on for long periods, and something seems to be poorly handeld in the MIO’s drivers. And that, apparentl is subsequently poorly handled in Cubase, as it freezes or stops loading in those cases.