Cubase Pro 10 - Goove agent SE 5 in two computers

Hello everyone;
Question (probably silly):
I recently bought a new PC and as I have a USB-elicencer with all the keys of all the steinberg software I own; I installed all of it on the new PC hoping that although it could not simultaneously use a program (eg Cubase Pro 10) I could do it on any of the computers as long as I used USB-elicencer on it.
It seemed like this would be but after downloading and installing all Cubase Pro 10 on the new PC and trying to use the Groove agent SE 5, supposedly included, and that works perfectly on the older PC; but not the same on the new PC.
The module lets itself start, confirms that it is version (64 bits) Oct, 18 2018 but it does not have the same content as my older PC (Ex: the “Binding Blank Pages” patch) does not exist in the new PC.
I also have Dorico pro 2.2; Halion 6; etc and with these so far it seems that everything behaves as expected (at least I did not have error messages like the one attached) for Groove agent SE5.
Has anyone ever had to deal with this situation?
Thanks in advance to anyone who knows how to solve this question.


From this and this thread it looks there was an issue with Groove Agent SE 3. And an update fixed it. Is GASE 4 involved in your case?


The library is available from the Cubase Full Installer only.

The Content is stored in:
%appData% Steinberg/Content/Groove Agent or VST Sound

Thank you Martin, I think I solved the problema with the path you gave me.
Merry Christmaas and a Happy new Year to all.
Best regards,