Cubase pro 10 hangs while scanning VSTs if a license missing

Windows 7 64bit SP2 here. Just installed Cubase pro 10 upgrade from 9.5 Pro. My version is 10.0.20 build 187
For continuity, 9.5 is still there available at my desktop icon, alongside 10.
My Waves plugin license is on an external hard drive: by chance it was not connected to the PC when I launched Cubase: Cubase hangs 10 while scanning VSTs. The bug is repeatable sistematically. I need to stop Cubase from Windows.

Cubase 9.5 handles the situation fine: while scanning, a pop up window warns me that waves license is missing, suggests me to run “waves central” (the waves plugin license manager) and anyway decide if skipping or continue searching. I skipped and it launched normally. This is an expected logical behaviour.
In Cubase 10, the plugin licence missing window simply does not show. As a consequence, Cubase hangs on start up.
When I connect the external usb hard disk (containing the waves license) before launching Cubase 10, it launches fine.

Anyone else?


Maybe this is related.

Hi, i have exactly the same problem here when using cubase 10.0.20 with waves plugins, it just hangs while scanning for plug ins, cubase 9.5 offers the chance to skip or rescan, if i choose skip then cubase continues to load up ok. Looks like an issue with cubase 10 when it comes accross a waves plugin without the license present. Cubase 9.5 obviously handles this situation much better than 10.


Make sure the Waves plug-ins are up to date, please. Same as PACE iLok application.

Hi, that’s not the topic of there, but i can’t register on MySteinberg to get cubase, there’s a message that tell me goodbye and after it says me “invalid request”, any solution please? i tried a lot of things and other devices than my pc.