Cubase Pro 10 - issues with midi playback delay


I would be so thankful if someone could help me with an issue I have, that is really a mystery to me.

When I playback something I’ve been recorded in midi, the sound does not follow my notation at all.
To give you an example and a idea of what I mean…
I start out with an simple bassdrum in a 1/4 loop and make a notation on every 1/4 bar and press play.
It sounds totally of, no continuity in the beat, and the sound comes later, and not even on time/on point.

Yes…I’ve checked the settings of the soundcard, and it works fine if I just play on the keys on the midisynth.
No delay at all.

I would really appreciate if someone had an idea of what might be wrong.

Best regards Magnus

Hi and welcome,

What Audio Device do you use? How is the Buffer Size set?

If you are on Windows, could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

Hi, thank you!

I have a Focusrite Scarlette 18i20 (3. generation)
The buffersize is set to 96 (5.782ms)
I’m checking the system now

But I’m not so sure, how to share a picture?