Cubase Pro 10 or Cubase Elements for a beginner?


I have wanted to play around with mixing and mastering music as a hobby project. A friend of mine used Cubase LE and showed me the basics of the program. Therefore i wonder if my narrow knowledge of LE is applicable in Pro or Elements and also if which software I should invest in for a beginner.
I hope this is the right place to post such a question and thanks for any responses :slight_smile:


Unless you already have a soundcard, chanses are you will get LE bundled with the soundcard you buy, and then just go with that until you find that the software limits your creativity and/or needs. Then upgrade:)

I would buy the lowest edition that meets you current needs and upgrade when you reach the limits of that edition or you have a use for a feature in a higher edition. One possible exception is if you qualify for educational pricing, as you only get educational discount on your initial purchase and not on any subsequent upgrades. Another possible exception is a sale, but you’ve just missed the 50% off sale for the 30th Anniversary - I doubt there will be another Cubase sale until next summer, though I might be surprised.

Thanks for your responce! Sadly the soundcard I have was bougth secondhand from an ebay like site in the country i reside. Sadly, I didn’t get any software with that purchace… But I will give the box another look! Maybe I overlooked it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response! Which of these lower editions would you recommend? I didn’t know ahout the educational pricing, so I will see if i am qualified for that :slight_smile: Again thanks for your response!

Cubase Elements is absolutely enough even for “higher-level” users! No need to go for Pro at the beginning

Thanks for your response! :slight_smile: Sounds like a very viable product if that’s true, and would be better for me because of the pricing! Again thank you :slight_smile:

Take a look at this chart.

Are there things in Artist or Pro but not Elements that you feel you really need right now. If not get Elements and upgrade later if you feel the need. But if Artist or Pro have things you really want, then you need to figure out if those additional features are worth the cost to you now or later.

Most beginners will find that Elements meets their needs great. But if you need something it doesn’t have…?

Thanks for the chart! From the chart it seems that Elements would be more than enought for the time being! :slight_smile: Thanks for the response!