Cubase Pro 10 Quits during when loading project file

running MacOs Mohave.cubase crashes when loading .cpr project file…However I can only open .bak files of the same projects.
I also notices that cubase ask to save when I have manually saved project.Other .cpr files that can open will also open without the last changes made in the project

Any Help?


Could you attach the *.crash file(s) located in macOS Console utility, please?

Please find attached crash file

Cubase 10_2019-03-13-111854_juliuss-MacBook-Pro.crash (112 KB)


The crash is in com.izotope.audioplugins.Nectar3.

So should we just look forward to personalized, individual solutions provided by our fellow users or is Steinberg going to fix this one day? Ever since I added Lexicon’s Native reverbs to my plugin library I have to unload those plugins before saving and closing my project or I lose it forever. I can open those projects in 9.5 and save them under a new file name, and sometimes 10 will open that, but that’s not a good solution when 10 has new features that aren’t compatible with 9.5 (like the new variaudio editor).

ive lost a couple of projects and now am really sceptical about using cubase 10 for any of my projects because I can’t tell which of my plugins will next crash cubase.ive lost all projects since I started using cubase 10

can I use cubase 10 licence to run cubase 9.5?

I hope Steinberg will as soon as possible come up with a fix for these issues…


I’m sorry to hear this.

Yes, you can run Cubase 9.5 with Cubase 10 license.

Uh, is there any progress on this issue other than “F** you, use the old version” ?


Maybe iZotope updated it’s plug-in(s)?