Cubase Pro 10 Registration

Hi! I dont know if this is the right place to post this but I’m really bothered with how I installed my cubase. I am a new user and I bought Cubase 10 online and had an Elicenser shipped to my country. When I got it well yeah I installed cubase and the elcc. I registered my elicenser code in mysteinberg, then put my cubase activation code in the elcc. Then registered it again on my steinberg. AND NOW, I cant see cubase 10 pro in my products. I tried doing maintenance in the elcc app but nothing’s happening.

At the first two or three times I opened my Cubase 10, it did ask about registering my licenser (I dont remember the exact words) then I just registered it again, it automatically copied the licenser to mysteinberg. Then now it doesnt prompt anything. I THINK(?) it’s working well because it’s not asking for anything whenever I open it, but I am still bothered by the fact that it does not appear in mysteinberg account.

This may not be a big issue but, of course, as someone who bought the software, I wanted things to go smooth when it comes to activation and being secure.
I hope someone can help me solve this.

Hi and welcome,

Activation and Registration are 2 different independent stuff.

It seems your license is activated (what is the most important), so you can start Cubase. If your USB-eLicenser is registered in your MySteinberg account, your Cubase license should be registered too. Maybe try to start eLCC application as administrator and trigger the Maintenance to sync it with your MySteinberg account properly.

Hi martin!

Luckily, i checked mysteinberg again and it appeared already! I did the maintenance to sync but it just wouldnt appear, but it’s alright now. Maybe i just had to wait for a few days lol THANK YOU THOUGH!