Cubase Pro 10 + Steinberg UR22C soundcard: useful features

Hello everyone!

I’m a proud owner of Cubase Pro 10 (and Cubasis 2). Now I’m going to buy a new soundcard and I think that UR22C will be a good choice.

But I didn’t find in tutorials and descriptions what useful features will appear in my work when Cubase and UR22C (or any other Steinberg card) will connect together. What will be the profit? Low latency? No system crashes? Any special features in Cubase (and Cubasis)?

Please let me know if someone knows the answer - practically or teoretically!

With best wishes, Z :sunglasses:

Hi and welcome,

The 1st think, what I really like on Steinbergs’ Audio Devices is the driver stability. In my experience, it’s not always the case for other manufacturers.

Moreover, there is a unique connection between the hardware and Cubase. You can make lots of settings directly in Cubase. If you would use internal UR22C DSP unit, you can set all the effects directly in Cubase. So you don’t have to go to the Audio Devices’ Control Panel (or Mix or whatever) and do the settings there.

You also can take a look at the seperate URC forum at “English forums/Steinbergs hardware”.

Thank you for answering! I’m also thinking about buying UR-RT2 soundcard but it twice more expensive.

Thanks for advise, I will ask there also :exclamation: