Cubase pro 10 stuck Initialize vst transit

Just bought a Cubase pro 10.
At startup, an error occurs: stuck Initialize vst transit.
I tried to reset the settings by running in safe mode, but it did not help

UA Apollo Twin QUAD Mk2
Mac Os 10.14.2
Cubase vers 10.0.10

Hi, Same issue here. Stuck at “Initializing: VST Transit”. Did you find a work around??

Update to 10.0.15 and see if ti still occurs.

I had this issue also but it was when i was trialling the demo, fixed now.



Same issue. My Cubase Pro 10 initialization is taking over 10 min. It’s a real pain.

Running Cubase on MacOS High Sierra v10.13.6

Was okay during Cubase Pro 8.5. Hopefully there is a solution.

I was able to resolve my problem by check marking the radio button called “Scan Folders Only When MediaBay is Open” under the MediaBay tab in the Preferences menu. My Cubase startup is now very fast.

Hope this also works for anyone experiencing this problem.

how did you get to preferences if cubase doesnt load? i cant get there, my cubase stuck