Cubase Pro 10 upgrade to Cubase Pro 10.5


I have already installed cubase Pro 10 on my computer.

But I bought the cubase Pro 10.5 upgrade on July 10, 2020.
Email advertising:Save 40% on your update or upgrade to Cubase 10.5
So I bought the upgrade to cubase Pro 10.5 version for € 149.40 and I received the activation code with the invoice.

I downloaded it but when I launch cubase Pro 10.5 I am asked to launch the activation of the license. Which is normal.

So I clicked on “Start license activation.”

I have the window asking me to enter the activation code. I therefore enter the code I received with my invoice.

The license for Cubase Pro 10.5 is displayed. But when I click on continue, a message says to me: “No license can be selected for an upgrade. Unable to find a license to upgrade. Please connect to your computer a USB-elicenceser containing a license that can be update.”

However, I installed Cubase Pro 10.5 and I have the activation code. But the license does not appear in my USB-elicenser key.

Please can you help me.

thank you in advance


first of all… I’m a little confused… isn’t the update from 10 to 10.5 only 35,99 EUR? or do you mean Artist to Pro?

a few things I’ve read that might help:

  1. make sure your elicenser software is up to date
  2. make sure to let it (elicenser app) “perform maintenance tasks” on startup
  3. did you enter the activation code in the elicenser app?

I just purchased the pro version from the trial with the same promotion as well (except purchase instead of upgrade) and just had to enter the activation code i received in the email into the elicenser app and then everything worked fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some strange license cache issue going on with your previous version though…

Reading you, I feel like I made a mistake in my purchase.
My elicenser is up to date. Version
And I did well the 3 operations that you present.

So, can you confirm that if I have the Pro 10 version, I can upgrade to the Pro 10.5 version with the update at 35.99 €?

If yes, then I should have bought this version because I don’t have the Artist Pro version but the Pro 10 version of cubase.

correct. at least that’s what the website says.

ok thank you Steven,

I will contact them to see this with them.
Have a nice day.

It’s OK

Steinberg agreed to reimburse me for the error I made.
They confirm to me that I had to take the update to cubase Pro 10.5

So I just bought this update now.

Thanks again for your help Steven
Have a good day