Cubase Pro 10 VariAudio trouble

I’m having some unexpected issues with VariAudio. I frequently use it to tune vocals, and has worked flawlessly for the past few years.

Starting a few days ago when I click on an event to tune it I have got a window saying :
“The project contains events that use the same audio material as the event in this editor! Click new version if processing should apply only to the edited event!”

Followed by :
“The algorithm has been switched automatically to standard solo because variaudio editing requires this.”

Both of these messages I wasn’t getting before. Now every time. Also when I make any adjustment in variaudio, I have to toggle the solo switch just to hear what I have done.

If anyone knows what could be causing this I’d really appreciate the help!



The message comes off the Audio clip (audio file) is in use multiple times in the project. Then you have to decide, if you want to apply the changed in all instances (all Audio Events) or just this one.