Cubase Pro 10 with Behringer X Touch One, who works with this setup

Q: who is actually working with Behringer X-Touch One (with Firmware 1.07) in combination with Cubase Pro 10 (5). Would you be so kind to share your experience with such a setup. Does it help you to improve your workflow …?
I have ordered one (but there is some delay in delivery time). When I get it I will myself give it a try and will see if I will ‘keep’ or ‘return’ it.
But I’m curious about your findings.


Got mine today. Will post my findings.

I use mine mostly for the fader to use as Volume-Automation on a track or VST-instrument, gives me a more naturel feel to it.

Thx @Ca-booter. I would appreciate a link or description how to programm the F1-F4 function buttons. Is it on/in the Xtouch One or does one have to do that in Cubase? Tia

Not needed, I have send the Xtouch One back to the vendour. All the basic functions can be done easily with the Keycommands. The only extra is the Motorised Fader, but €135,- for just one useful function, mmmm…

Looking for a more useful controller? No, not the Steinberg CC121. It seems shorten the workflow, but the controller is sooo last century and cost as much as Cubase software itself :wink:) …
I keep the developments regarding. new Cubase Daw Controllers, who knows what the future holds ??