Cubase Pro 11.0.10 tested on Big Sur Mac Mini M1

Just tested Cubase Pro 11.0.10 on Mac Mini M1. I can confirm it’s working flawless for me right now. Tested with Groove Agent SE, Sampler Track, sample import from local drive and 2 third-party plugins (Reveal Sound Spire and Xfer Serum). The workflow is absolutely good, no issues with graphics, no glitches on audio (tested with my SSL 2+ connected via Usb C).
I’ve been working at a new project for at least 1 hour with no issues at all.


Great to hear positive news on here… that has been my experience as well.


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How are experiences with Mac Mini M1 after 1 month?
I am interested in Cubase Pro and Wavelab :slight_smile:
I already have licensed the newest updates, but not working productively yet.

With Mac Mini M1 I had lots of troubles with Adobe Software with 25seconds freezes in Premiere dozens of times within 1 hour. Just as an example that M1 can be still hell in February 2022. However I heard great feedback on Steinberg latest updates, so I upgraded.