Cubase Pro 11.0.20 Not Working With macOS Aggregate Devices in Big Sur 11.3

I just updated to macOS Big Sur 11.3 on a 2019 Mac Pro Rack. All Steinberg applications (Cubase Pro 11.0.20, Nuendo 11.0.20, Wavelab Pro 10.0.70, The Grand 3) no longer pass audio through aggregate audio devices. I have three (3) Lynx interfaces that I’ve used collectively via an aggregate device for years. The 11.3 update breaks this. Other programs, e.g. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5, Keyscape, Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Player, etc., work just fine. It’s just the Steinberg apps that don’t work. If I select an individual interface instead of the aggregate device, everything works as expected.



Aggregate Device is not officially supported by any DAW (even by Logic) since ever. There are some sync issues when using Aggregate Device. Sorry.

It’s worked reliably for me for 15 years, both on Apogee Symphony Gen 1 and now Lynx. No sync issues whatsoever - the devices maintain clock amongst themselves. I have to use multiple interfaces to get the track counts I need. Works fine now with the products I mentioned on macOS 11.3 and did up until macOS 11.3 on Steinberg products.

I am Cubase user since years. This is not acceptable. If Steinberg will not solve this issue I want my money back.

Here’s an update on this issue. I have been working with Lynx support (my audio interface manufacturer) instead of Steinberg. They had the same results that I did and started communicating this to Steinberg directly. Wavelab 11 fixes this issue - it works fine with both single and aggregate devices. Lynx is now working with their engineering contacts on the Cubase / Nuendo teams. I’ll keep everyone updated as progress is made. The lesson here is to find another path when an issue gets disregarded by Steinberg. Kudos to Lynx for stepping up.


It works on my system:
Cubase 11.0.41
Aggregate: UAD Apollo Twin + BOSS GT-100

As well as in Pro Tools 2021.12

On Apple support page (

With an Aggregate Device, you can use audio inputs and outputs from different devices at the same time with Logic Pro, GarageBand, MainStage, and most other Core Audio-compliant applications.

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I used aggregate devices since years. No problems.
But now (after some OS upgrades) I noticed that WL and Dorico are not more able to use Aggregated Device with my Scarlett and my Helix without problems (no tone, no cursor movement).
But interestingly, cubase 11 ist still running with a AD. And so do Halion6 from Steinberg.
All other audio software (NI, Spectrasonics, Presonus, XLN, etc.) are ok with AD.

Apparently Steinberg uses different versions for the coreaudio2asio component in their products.
And the more recent components of this software are unable to work with AD.
So I am afraid of the upcoming cubase 12 version that probably breaks my cubase studio.

Considering that all other DAWs and audio products apparently CAN work with AD and Apple recommends the use of AD ( I hope Steinberg puts more energy into this problem…But they have to touch this core component and it is easier to change color and GUI elements than a component that could break all.

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Perhaps it depends on the driver that are condensed in a AD.

I would update Cubase and Nuendo to the 11.0.41 versions and re check. The Grand 3 is OLD is it not? Just asking

The problem is still there macOS 11.6.4 for me and has been since 11.1. The latest Wavelab 11 Pro works fine with Aggregate Devices. The latest Cubase and Nuendo 11 versions do not. I also have The Grand - it also doesn’t work aggregate devices. The only non-Steinberg app that has trouble for me is Synthogy’s Ivory II. All the other manufacturers work just fine including Spectrasonics Omnisphere/Keyscape, all Native Instruments products, Ableton Live, IK stuff, iZotope stuff, Arturia stuff, and so on.

The behavior is different app to app. When hitting play in Cubase/Nuendo, nothing shows on the meters and no sound is played back. The Grand has garbled audio. The prior version of WaveLab Pro would blip the meters and just stop playback.

This one’s on Steinberg although they claim not to support something I’ve been using (aggregate devices) since 2004. I’ve been working with Lynx to have them push their contacts inside Steinberg to address this. Wavelab worked out, still not there on Cubase/Nuendo.

Add Cubase 12 to the list of Steinberg apps that no longer support aggregate devices (I’m still on macOS Big Sur)

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It is true and not OK.

Hi everyone, another user with the same issue here. Cubase 11, macOS Big Sur, on a 2019 Mac Pro Rack, with two Lynx Aurora interfaces not working in Aggregate. Both interfaces work perfectly fine on their own, but audio is garbled and almost sounds bitcrushed when the Aggregate is used.

This may be a lead: the aggregate device can pass audio from Apple Music perfectly fine. No playback issues whatsoever. Does this then mean that Big Sur itself works alright with Aggregate Devices in general, whether the interfaces are Lynx or not? Just trying to get clarity on the issue. As stigman87 noted above, Cubase 12 doesn’t seem to solve this issue. Has anyone had any luck upgrading to macOS Monterey? Or is there a workaround to the Aggregate Issue in general in Cubase 11 and Cubase 12?

Hello Declan_Levy! This is most unfortunately not fixed with Cubase 12 on macOS Monterey 12.3.1. Wavelab Pro 11 works with my aggregate device, but none of the other Steinberg apps do (latest versions of Cubase, Nuendo, The Grand VSTi, etc.). Other apps are fine as I mentioned above - Omnisphere, Kontakt and other Native Instruments, Arturia VSTi, and so on.

I’ve had a good amount of interaction with Lynx support and I know they’ve been trying to reach out to contacts they have in Cubase & Nuendo engineering, but haven’t heard any progress of late.

You raise a good point - is it just Steinberg products with aggregate devices that have Lynx interfaces behind them? I unfortunately don’t have any alternative interfaces to test. My 2 x Aurora(n) interfaces and single Hilo interface replaced 2 x gen1 Apogee Symphony units which did multi-device aggregation in their device driver. Lynx needs aggregate devices to achieve the same result.

One other note, I have the Aurora(n) units locked to the Hilo’s clock (Hilo as clock master in the aggregate device). This worked perfectly with Cubase/Nuendo, etc. until Big Sur showed up.

I recently purchased a 2nd M1 Mac Mini & a uTRACK24 to use along side a Presonus 2626 in aggregate. It didn’t work in Cubase 11. I wasn’t sure if it was an M1 or a Monterey issue. Decided to try the 12 Pro demo found the same outcome. All that brought me here to find this thread. I’m glad I didn’t buy the upgrade yet.

I’m trying out a demo Studio One, working fine but some of my plugins aren’t showing up. If i can figure that issue out, and there’s now resolution on the Steinberg side, I’ll probably subscribe to Sphere after the trial ends.

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Studio One should work just fine. All non-Steinberg software works just fine aggregate devices with macOS 11 & 12 in my experience. Something blew up with Steinberg’s CoreAudio to ASIO module that broke aggregate devices.


This is unacceptable. I’m using Cubase 12 with a Lynx Hilo + UAD Apollo x16 in an Aggregate. Both work with WaveLab 11 and with Pro Tools, but all I get is garbled nonsense with the audio in Cubase. Sitting on Monterey at the moment. Any updates on this Steinberg? Please resolve this. This is really putting a damper in I/O capabilities not being able to use an Aggregate.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is user forum. Please, get in touch with the official Steinberg support.

So Steinberg Support won’t do anything to fix this. Their exact response:

“The developers will not be addressing this issue, as they do not test aggregate set ups. Unfortunately this is not an issue they will fix, they have stated it is a third party issue, and are aware that the same driver can work in other DAWs.”

So either work with support from the manufacturer(s) of the audio interfaces that you are trying to make work together in an aggregate device or move to a non-Steinberg DAW (all other options work based on research, e.g. Logic, ProTools, etc.). I’m doing the latter minimally for tracking.

Very very very frustrating after 25 years with Cubase/Nuendo and 18 years on the Mac using aggregate devices up until this issue hit…