Cubase Pro 11 12 not working anymore

Hi Steinberg Fans,

unfortunately I made the mistake to offer myself as a guinea pig and to update to CP12.
Well like most here it didn’t work now my question is if CP11 is pending on my dongel and I can’t open it anymore and CP12 doesn’t work either do I have to wait for an email from Steinbergs CEO where he apologizes again or should I throw my computer out the window and read a book.

With kind regards

A very happy waiting C12 fan

run the recover process from eLIC - you will find it in one of the menus, it will then go into non upgradable state. then run cubase 12 and activate via new license manager app which starts on running CP12. This worked for me as I was having the same issues

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have now tried again but now the lizens of CP11 is completely gone is that normal…