Cubase Pro 11 - an Upgrade or an Update?

From what I can gather it’s an Update with an £85 fee attached to it. What makes this a point release?

Can anyone throw any light on the situation?

I’ve lost count of all the money Steinberg have had out of me over the years! Thanks guys!

Steinberg call a move to a larger edition of a product (e.g. Cubase Elements to Cubase Artist) an upgrade and a move to a newer version of the same edition an update. Updates are chargeable if they move to a new x.0 or x.5 version of the product. Updates within an x.0 or x.5 version are minor updates that are free of charge.

We live in unprecedented times and in all the years I’ve been using their software they rarely give anything away. Now would be the ideal time to do this - especially from what people are saying about the update - to what extent has this software even been tested? Are we the guinea pigs?

There was one giveaway earlier this year. Nuendo 10.3 was a free of charge update to Nuendo 10 which added the new features of Cubase Pro 10.5 to Nuendo, including Padshop 2. The expectation was that this would be a chargeable update.

That’s great if you pay for Nuendo! I don’t use it! I remember the Padshop 2 confusion big time! And I remember having to battle with Steiny to get the money back on the paid update! Many users fell for this! They paid it back (reluctantly)

Just the number “11” of course :laughing: