CUbase PRO 11 and WIndows 10-21H1

Are there know issues with this combination? ON the Steinberg site under Requirements it still says the previous 20H2

21H1 works fine for me, no issues that I’ve run into.

No problems here either (related to 21H1).

Yes,no problems here,the last version in Cubase and Windows

Thanks, I will update then.

Hello, I use Cubase Pro 10.5.30 under Windows 11 (21H2) My system is an Intel z690 plus i7-12700k with 32GB RAM on an M2 PCIe SSD. So far I haven’t had any problems with the software or the really old hardware (Motu / Midisport 4x4 Legacy), so why shouldn’t Cubase 11 also run on it?
best regards Ulli

Same as vexti, but Win10 21H2. (Does 21H2 exist in Win 10 and Win11? This seems weird…)

But Cubase 10.5 and Wave Lab Pro 11 here, no problems.

I’ve updated to W10-21H2 and running C11 and WL11, no problems.
Only thing was that the W10 update replaced my installed W10-legacy FW driver …weird. But re-installing did the job again.

Yes the version does exist in both as I did a double take when I started dual booting to win 11. I’ve no problems in win 10 or 11 latest versions

That’s interesting news, I didn’t know this. Kinda weird of MS. I will switch over to Win 11 soon, I’m glad to hear it’s working for you.

Hello, if I wouldn’t use my new mainboard hardware (Intel z690), I would have preferred to stay with Win 10. The start menu and the new context menus are annoying and cannot be used in the workflow. WinRar can then actually no longer be used to quickly pack or unpack something (even with the new update). I installed “Start11” from Stardock to get it back