Cubase Pro 11 audio crackle

I am currently running Cubase Pro 11. My CPU is a Ryzen 3900X and my interface is a Scarlett Solo 2i2 3rd Gen. When I run the interface at 192 kHz / 16 buffer size my desktop sounds without issue (VLC, browser, etc.). When I run Cubase with the same settings there is a loud crackle and pop whenever I play a VST. It only goes away at 96 kHz / 1042 buffer size. Any advice for fixing this?


Use LatencyMon utility to test the system, please.

Did you checked the interface firmware version?
There was an update some time ago that solves some problems…

How do you set it to 192kHz? Which driver?

I current have the latest driver running. Here are my settings:


I run all my VSTs off of a M.2 SSD.

I used LatencyMon, and here are the results it gave me:

The audio crackle remains still.

Isn’t 16 not too low for use in Cubase? My lowest without issues is 32 or better 64. And with that value I can play with a midi pickup and a vst without noticable latency, so why go lower. i9-10900. interface Ur816c USB3.
But also the drivers of your Focusrite are not as good as f.e. RME drivers who can go very low without issues.


Focusrite are rather poor drivers as far as I know. It doesn’t offer the best latency and stability on the market. You should increase the Buffer Size.