[Cubase Pro 11] Can you zoom hori/vertically by bigger margin/space...?

I tend to click my commands, multiple times, zooming in and out when I am comping and tuning,
but can I increase the margin…?

So, meaning zooming in and out by bigger space? :slight_smile:

If there is such setting I would be so thrilled!

I hope, one day, Steinberg makes dedicated DAW controller that features this zoomin setting by, trackpad type!
Is there such thing? I am desperate to know if there is… :frowning:

Have you considered making one or more macros?

Oh… I heard of setting custom macros (?) but I will look for it. Is it custom keys other than setting own key commands…?

Oh by the way, I just found one good solution, pressing ‘command’ + scrolling Mouse!
But vertical setting is not working sadly… (no matter how I set it, vertical zooming not working with mouse scrolling…)

A Cubase Macro is a series of commands, not a series of keystrokes.

But the commands that can be in a Macro are the same commands that can have a Key Command - and creating Macros is also in the same dialog as creating Key Commands.

Yes i found the same thing with vertical scrolling. I don’t understand why there is no way to do it vertically with the mouse and a key like the command key as well. Seems a real onission

I found the best solution (at least for me) by holding down, command + then scrolling mouse wheel ← this by far the most efficient and quickest way :slight_smile:

But sadly, vertical scrolling does not work no matter how I set key commands, maybe an issue with my mouse…?

This would be really helpful…

Yeah… I mean, even though I customize it on key commands on Cubase Pro 11, scrolling vertical is not responding… maybe I need better mouse…? or simply no? but scrolling with keyboard arrow works. But, that is not the point of setting it lol

I am actually getting lazier and lazier BUT, with that being said, these Cubase key commands are too GOLDEN, that I cannot imagine myself using other DAW.

I wonder if Pro Tools provide this much convenient shortcut key commands…? (I have not used Pro Tools before but I am seriously considering getting one for strictly ‘mixing’ purpose :slight_smile:

It should simply be that you scroll one way on the mouse while pressing command to zoom vertical and then scroll the other way pressing the command to zoom horizontal. It makes no sense that steinberg haven’t made it work like this.