Cubase pro 11 crossgrade !

Hey guys, I’m planing to change my daw to cubase pro 11.
So, my question is: it is worth it to wait 2-3 more days until black friday, maybe maybe there will be a discount or just buy it now as i have read about the discounts, there are in summer sale. Some advice will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Well - If you have a few days patience you will find out for yourself. It’s not unusual to have lowered prices at black friday for anything but the latest stuff. I think things like HaLion 6 or GrooveAgent 5 could be candidates, and maybe your crossgrade, because it’s not unusual to have these on sale from time to time.

However - I think nobody here can predict for certain what is going on sale. The only ones that are “in the know”, are those that hide in the mysterious financial rooms somewhere in the Steinberg building…

Thanks, i guess I can wait a couple of days just for the fun of it.

I’m waiting for the same thing! I figure it won’t be though.

Let’s hope it is, something…

I did it but I don’t see this version of Cubase in my account and I cant to activate the program. What to do?

You did what? Wait? Hope? Buy? If so what? Some useful info? Then someone maybe can provide some useful help… :unamused: