Cubase Pro 11: Deleted any track permanently puts the track into audio-blender(corrupt audio) mode

I’m having a strange issue where the audio in cubase is permanently corrupted for a saved track even after restarting/reloading. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load my saved track that has dozens of instruments of various types. Note that the track plays normally

  2. Remove an instrument or sampler track that has no audio or events in it whatsoever OR remove a plugin from one of these tracks that has no audio events. Observe audio device is put into distorted/blender mode, where audio from all tracks, even solo’d tracks is completely distorted. This results in lost work as only reverting or reloading the existing track corrects the issue.

Hardware: Windows 10 on Asus Zenbook 13".
Audio device: Asus USB DAC using ASIO4ALL

Any ideas? I have half a dozen or more tracks I cannot delete because it results in 100% audio corruption every time. When this corruption happens if I save the track, restart, and reload the audio is still corrupt. Playing any instrument whatsoever even in solo mode produces corrupt audio.

Oh! I discovered if I go into audio connections and remove the USB DAC and re-add it then the audio is cleared up. Strange that restarting windows and cubase doesn’t fix it but this does.

Asio4all is just not the same as dedicated asio drivers. I’ve tried it on my sons laptop but its behaviour is not always predictable

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