Cubase Pro 11 & External Synth Program Change Problem


I’m a new Cubase user. So far loving it but there are some things hindering my workflow.

I work mostly with external synths through the Miditech MIDIface interface. In order to recall the synth preset I’ve used in the project, I’d like to use Program Selector function on my externa instrument channel to memorize the bank and preset number, so when I reload the session the next day I’m on board immediately if I didn’t record the synths. However what this does is if I enable PC from the midi device options, or select a patch using the Program Selector on the ext. instrument channel (choose any other value than off), Cubase issues PC at the start of every playback which renders me unable to modify presets. It always loads up the initial state of the patch number upon stop and play.

I’d like to be able to change the synth patches from Cubase, and store the information of the patch number but still be able to modify the patch on the synth’s side (envelope, filter etc.) without it resetting everytime I press stop and play.

Anyone else encountered the same problem?