Cubase pro 11 Groove Agent se missing

Hello and seasons greetings everybody.

I checked the knowledge base first. Yesterday I upgraded to Cubase Pro 11, from Cubase 6.5. The upgrade and installation of CP 11 was clean and pain free. Until that is I tried to find Groove Agent se. Too put things into context my specs are as follows:
Processor is: i5 lga 1151 8500 6 Core 8th Gen 3Ghz
16 Gb ram
Cubase Pro 11 installed on a 500Gb m.2 ssd.

My 2 year old budget system should still be able to handle CP 11 no problem but I can’t find Groove Agent se. Everything else installed beautifully.

I think my Norton firewall might have something to do with it, Since it looks like Groove Agent se might not be native to CP 11 I’m assuming it could be a firewall issue.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?


Jim, from Edmonton.

Quite a few of the components that are included in Cubase Pro 11 are separate downloads and installs from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Did you try to download and install Groove Agent SE and its content from there?

Thanks for your reply over the holidays.

Yes. GA was the last to go to a full green bar to dl (install)

I believe I got everything except GA 5 se

Is everything in that list part of my install?

What happens next?


Thanks Nico5:


I just reinstalled GAse 5. Everything works great

Happy New Year



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