Cubase pro 11 is not working with NI vst-plugins

I can’t load songs with Cubase 11 Pro, if there is a NI VST2.4 Plugin loaded. (Komplete 13 untlitmate). Cubase freezes while loading those songs. This always happens and it is reproducible only with all three Components in it: Cubase/ Steinberg Audiointerface UR 44/ song with a NI Plugin.
I changed all driver prefenrences… NI plugins ar not working in my Cubase/UR44/ Mac Configuration. (other Sequencers are working fine)

The Steinberg Support answered me for my support request:
I should not use VST 2.4 plugins any more, because Cubase don’t support them anymore. I can exclude the NI Plugins in the VST Folder…

I’m very confused about this answer, because i bought all the newest products from both companies: NI and Steinberg an i’m working with the newest versions of both.
Any advise for me in this special case?
What are the other customers of Steinberg and NI products are doing? Do they bash Cubase or NI? Is there any solution?
Many greeting from berlin with hope of some good advice!

MAC 27 Zoll 2017/ 64GB Arbeitsspeicher
UR 44 (neuste Treiber, neuste Firmware)
Cubase 11 Pro (11.0.10)
NI komplete 13 ultimate


Could you attach the *.crash file, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

Thank you for your help!
Cubase don’t crash.
It freezes. There are no crash reports, but i can wait until eternity…nothing happens…
Can you help?


Sorry, this is not true… Cubase doesn’t support plug-ins older than VST2.4 but it does support VST2.4 plug-ins.

Does it mean, it works, if you use Built-in Audio, please?

What happens if you create a new Cubase project, and add a single NI plugin to track, does Cubase freeze then also?

If it doesn’t freeze, are you able to save and load that new project ok? (With one plugin).


You could also try to start Cubase without 3rd party plug-ins (Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable 3rd party plug-ins]), try to open the project and save it again (or save as). Then start Cubase again (common mode, with the 3rd party plug-ins). It might happen, it would load then.

Thank you Martin, for your help! Unfortunately this is not the solution.
There is one way i have found (a workaround):
I can change the Audio-driver to integrated.
Then load the Song (no problem!)
The i turn off all the VST 2.4 Plug-ins (deactivate)
Then i change the audio driver back to the Asio UR 44
and turn the plug-ins on again…carefully one after another…
Ta da! I can work with the Song.
Next time i will load the Song, the same procedure is necessary.

OK, but this cannot be the Solution for the future, i think.
Any Ideas?

Yes, it works with the Buit-in Audio.

I built several test-songs with various VST 2.4 Plug-ins:
Sometimes Cubase freezes just in the moment i load them. Sometimes it runs, but freezes when i load the song next time.
It doesn’t matter if it is an old or a new song.
When i load song with vst3 …no problem
When i load songs with the built-in audio-driver no problem (even with VST 2.4 Plug-ins)

It doesn’t matter, what preferences the UR 44 Asio driver have. (latency/ asio guard…)


What macOS version do you use, please?

Thank you for Your help!

I decided to upgrade to macOS Big Sur. Therefore I made a new clean install from the beginning.
After having installed all my software from scratch, Cubase runs just fine with all my plug-ins and with the interface UR44.
My problem is solved.

Greetings from Berlin

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