Cubase Pro 11, Kontakt Player 6 and Funk Guitarist Issue

Every time I add a kontakt player 6 instrument and funk guitarist in cubase.
There’s an issue only in cubase pro 11. It takes about 1 minute for the instrument to behave normally.

I updated to the latest version of kontakt but the issue persists.
I didn’t have this issue in cubase pro 11…20…


How does it behave, when it doesn’t behave “normally”, please?

Normally in the standalone Kontakt 6 app or in previous cubase versions. You could select or browse a preset / sample immediately. Now I have to wait about 1 minute.


What can you see on the screen during this 1 minute, please? Any message or loading bar?

No messages, just a non responsive GUI, basically you have to wait about 30-60 seconds for the samples to load and the instrument to work properly within cubase.