Cubase Pro 11 locator settings

I’m sorry for my poor English.

In the locator view at the top, there are two projects: one that I want to work with seconds and one that I want to work with beats per minute.
When I close the project that I worked on in seconds and then open the project that I want to work on in beats per minute, the previous setting is still there and is set to seconds, and I have to manually switch to beats per minute.
Is there any way to make this seconds/beats setting be reflected when the project is loaded?

For example, I want to work with seconds in the locator display for a Wav-only project, but I want to work with beats in the display for a MIDI-composed project.
When I close and open this project, it shows the seconds and beats of the previous project.
When I close a project that has a Wav-only locator for seconds, and then open a project that I’m working on for MIDI beats, I want the locator to load and display the beats.

these settings are global from what I know. But it is possible to have 2 different time displays. I always have both seconds and bars visible. It wasn’t quite obvious how to display both at the start, you need to press the 3 dots to show 2nd time display.


It depends, where do you want to see it. Are you talking about the displays on the Transport Panel or about the Ruler?

You can show Primary and also Secondary time in the Transport Panel, as mentioned.

If you are talking about the Ruler, you can add the Ruler track to see other one (even more). The main Ruler is linked to the Primary time, so if you change the Primary time format, the main Ruler follows. But you can change the main Ruler independently and the Primary Time will not follow. I always use multiple Ruler tracks to be informed about the bars and also timecode at once.

Thanks for the reply.
It was called the wrong thing.
It’s the ruler.
I think I can solve this problem by using the ruler track.
Thank you both very much.