Cubase Pro 11 mono to stereo and copy and paste

Not been on here for awhile which means, Pro 11 is working pretty well. Please move this if its not in the correct section but, I do find the navigation a little awkward on my mobile. I’ve looked at some old recordings and noticed that the wave files (created by my guitar) have two sections (stereo I assume) but only one section has a wave on it. Now I understand that I have recorded it in stereo (past rookie mistake) and its only showing mono but its coming out of a stereo plugin (neural dsp) so it sounds fine. My question is, does this have a massive impact on the quality of I left them? All my recent stuff is recorded like it should (Guitar mono showing one big wave file). My next question is on copy, paste and edit. I’ve never wrapped my head around this. How come when I copy and paste a wave part and edit it, it edits the copy and the original too? Can this be changed? Believe it or not but it’s something that’s stumped me for years and I always ended up re-recording the part rather than editing it.

Thanks for any advice given.

Concerning your first question, no, it shouldn’t alter the quality of your recording, but you’ll have to take this cautiously, as I don’t really get how the Neural DSP actually work and didn’t truely understand if your guitar signal has been treated by it in the tracking stage or after it.

About your second question, any audio part or event copy/pasted can be edited independently BUT, each time I am editing a duplicated part with Direct offline Processing, Cubase display this message when I attempt to apply edits done :


Honestly, I don’t know how it behaves if the Please, don’t ask again option has been ticked and I don’t want to test this, as I always keep such messages potentially active and simply don’t know how to eventually reactivate them afterwards. It keeps my choices more opened, this way. You should also get this message, otherwise I’m afraid that you probably ticked the Please… option after having choosed Continue at some point.

Solutions ? I don’t really know, beside maybe creating a new Preferences set or use a backup of previous one. But maybe someone knows better… :neutral_face:

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The Neural Dsp does have a switch that goes from mono to stereo and vice versa. If the sound I’m hearing is in stereo and I have a second opinion that it shouldn’t affect the quality, I’m guessing that part is sorted. The warning for editing a copy and pasted part certainly doesn’t come up. I can only assume I pressed something back when I had 8.5 and the settings have saved up to 11? Strange if that’s the case because you would have thought that a new daw would have default settings BUT, because it’s an old song from 8.5, it’s possibly using those settings. I probably need to figure out how to make it default again. That screenshot certainly helped me out. Thanks.

Perhaps best to export everything as split stems and re-import what you need…?

As a general rule, when upgrading Cubase x version to Cubase x+n, the preferences are copied from the existing version to the new one, this during the installation process. This said, all is indeed about making the warning message as default, to avoid the hassle to reconfigure all your Cubase setup. Again, I don’t have the solution, beside using a previous backup of the whole preferences folder (saves me few times doing so, in the past…).

Beside this, @garethk suggestion could also be a solution, as well as rendering the existing audio events to make both parts/events independent, as a temporary solution.

Change the pan type on the track. It’s normally stereo balance so change it to the other one (forgot the name) you can then make the track play mono. Of course the plugin you have seems to have the option anyway.

Again, a big thanks to cubic13 because of what he/she said. Just got home from work and decided to load the project up and browse the Preferences. All you need to do to get the dialog back up is to click, edit>Preferences>Editing>Audio. you will see, “On Processing Shared Clips” with a drop down menu allowing to change things from there. I have personally kept it on, “create new version”.

Whilst I’m on a role I decided to do some digging. Now if you record in stereo with a mono signal you will get a wave file divided into L and R but only one will have the wave on it.

If you highlight your track and click, project>convert tracks>multi-channel to mono…it will give you two tracks, L and R. The L track will be the mono single wave and the R will be the blank side.

Hopefully if anyone in the future does have the same issues, we all now know a little more. Now I have the choice of either Re-recording, Keeping the waves looking funky or go through the above process to get the waves looking how they should.


Have you tried selecting an audio event and doing Edit > Functions > Convert to Real Copy, as the copy-pasted event is likely a shared copy?

EDIT: Ah, you just solved it. Okay.

… and a big thanks to you back, because I actually never truely bothered about the content of this page : among others, the warning message was alright for me, until now, as well as the other options default values.

Overall, I learned something more, today, and it shows how deep Cubase actually is, when one decides to truely look in depth in it. Thanks again ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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