Cubase Pro 11 needs to be activated again?

I would like to reinstall Cubase 11 to see if some of the issues of instability can be resolved…It is licences on my dongle but I’m unable to reinstall as it is asking me for an Activation code…do I need to get a new activation code everytime I want to reinstall etc… I also uninstalled Spectralayers as it doesn’t work and crashes Cubase, so I uninstalled it but it will not let me reinstall unless I enter an activation code? When I upgraded to cubase Pro 11 I had to go through this process (which was very unpleasant and screwed everything up), how do I get a new activation code? I thought once it was activated that was it?

Kind of a jumbled up mess of a post you have written there. When exactly do you get a message about activation? What exactly is the message?

You are correct that once a license is on your USB-eLicenser you should not need to (and technically can’t) re-activate it.

There is a dialog box I’ve seen a few of times over the years that prompts you to enter an activation code, but there is another option that basically says ‘No I’m already activated’ - obviously not a direct quote. But perhaps it is something like that?