Cubase Pro 11 No Midi sync in?


Building a eurorack, I have a Hermod sequencer that has midi I/O. I can slavesync the Hermod using midi I/O and thus the eurorack start/stop, using CB. I’d like to slave CB start/stop to Hermod, but on page 1077 in the CB manual it says that CB can’t work as a slave using midi clock. So I’m SOL? Any paths I can be directed down to have CB synced to the Hermod. Thx for any help.

When you say “the CB manual” what exactly are you referring to? 'Cause in the copy I have, that page is all about Mixing Audio


Send the link to the web page manual, please.

Sorry for the late reply. I thought this was a dead topic.

Here’s the link.
I don’t think it’s to the specific page. But in the Cubase Pro 11 pdf manual on pg 1077 we have:

MIDI clock
MIDI clock is a signal that uses position and timing data based on musical bars and beats to
determine location and speed (tempo). It can perform the same function as a positional
reference and a speed reference for other MIDI devices. Cubase supports sending MIDI clock to
external devices but cannot slave to incoming MIDI clock.
MIDI clock cannot be used to synchronize digital audio. It is only used for MIDI devices to play in
musical sync with one another. Cubase does not support being a MIDI clock slave.

So I’m looking for Cubase to be syncd via midi clock. Looks like no dice.


Many thx. And sorry for the late reply.


Here is the link to the web documentation, to the page you are referring to.

And as you said, Cubase…