Cubase Pro 11 only opens as a background process in Windows 10 - won't load

I’m running Cubase Pro 11 .0.41 on a Windows 10 machine.

It was running fine, then I had a notification that Groove Agent 5 had crashed, I need to restart. From then on, Cubase will only ever open as a background process; I can’t actually load it up so I can see it.

I have tried turning my PC off and on.

I’ve have tried reinstalling (both Cubase and Groove Agent).

No matter what I do, it simply won’t run as anything other than a background process.

Everything else about my PC is running fine.

Any ideas?

Run Cubase as Administrator

Thanks for that suggestion; I’ll try it.

Since then I’ve done some troubleshooting, however, and it seems to be a clash with the Steinberg UR242 interface driver;

When I run Cubase with a different driver, it works. The UR242, for some reason, seems to have all of a sudden decided to crash Cubase.

I’ve rolled back the driver (through three different versions) and checked the Firmware (up to date), plus uninstalled/reinstalled a bunch of times.

So, somehow, that seems to be the problem, or at least part of it.

But I will try in Administrator and see if that makes a difference!

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