Cubase Pro 11 Only Shows VST Connect SE, Not Pro

I fired up Cubase 11 Pro last week to try to use VST Connect Pro (hadn’t used it since 2020) and was able to load up VST Pro Connect…but it wouldn’t connect, I’d get greyed out options (like not being able to bring up the editor window once closed), and no video. I realized I was still using V4 of VST Connect and proceeded to update Cubase and VST Connect. Since, I no longer have the option of Pro in the VST Cloud menu.

So, I reinstalled Cubase, killed the preferences, fiddled around with renaming VSTConnect.bundle, tried to disable VSTConnectSE in the System Component (would not allow me to do this) and still come to the point, I can’t get VST Connect Pro to show up in Cubase 11.

My eLicenser has the license still. The eLicenser is current.

I updated VST Connect (5.5.11), Cubase 11 (11.0.41), and eLicenser ( and still it does not appear.

Using MacOS 11.6

Any ideas?

… it sounds that you are looking for your VST Connect Pro product? Remember : A “VST Connect Pro” license is able to open version 1, 2, 3 and 4. For VST Connect Pro 5 you need a new version 5 license. Cubase 11 is bundled with VST Connect SE/PRO 5. If you have a “Cubase 11” and a “VST Connect Pro” license on your eLicenser only Cubase 11 and VST Connect 5 SE will be useable for you.

You have two options
[a] Buy an upgrade to a VST Connect Pro 5 license
[b] install VST Connect Pro 4

Does this help?

Thanks for the heads-up on the fact that VC5 was a paid upgrade. I didn’t catch that.

So…paid, activated, working.

Thank you!