Cubase Pro 11 only shows VST Connect SE

I’m a little stuck on why my version of Cubase Pro 11 only shows me as having VST connect SE rather than VST connect Pro. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Cubase Pro only includes VST Connect SE.

It only includes the SE version, indeed, but it should be showing both versions. If you activate the Connect Pro version, a test period starts. I don’t know why Cubase doesn’t show it for 111485.

Hmm, now that you mention it, it might have been visible in the menu sometime in the past.

But, I can’t see it currently either (Pro 11.0.40, Windows).

Maybe it was removed from menu in the last update. I can’t tell, because I moved to the Pro version of Connect last month.

Thanks all.

Having this issue as well. Only Connect SE shows in the menu.

My eLicenser has the license still.

I updated VST Connect (5.5.11), Cubase 11 (11.0.41), and eLicenser ( and still it does not appear.

Using MacOS 11.6