Cubase pro 11 Score editor bugs

My Cubase pro 11 crashes every time I open Score editor, when I want to change a key in the middle of song. The score editor is super glitchy. Fix bugs please.

Could you please provide more details?
A step by step description of actions before it crashes.
Maybe a project file showing the issue?..

Cubase keeps crashing when I work in the score editor. The key sometimes doesn’t change in the middle of a song when I want to do modulation or deflection. Then suddenly the signs at the key appear, then disappear again. But even when there are signs at the key on the notes, sharps or flats are still duplicated. Some errors appear when, for example, I put lines symbols like 8 —. In general, a lot of problems in the score unfortunately. The work in it is very unstable. Nothing appear before the crash. Although when I make arrangements or write music in Key editor everything is well. My mac os is Catalina 10.15.7, 2,6 GHz i7, 16 Gb ram